MCJROTC Information

United States Marine Corps Junior ROTC
"Leadership Education"

Tolman Senior High School

Colonel Richardson
Senior Marine Instructor

Sergeant Major Smith
Marine Instructor

Office Phone:  (401) 729 - 6422

JROTC is a U. S. Marine Corps sponsored character and leadership development course focused on developing self-confidence, discipline, citizenship, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility within the individual Cadet.

What is JROTC not?
      The course is not a military recruitment program.  Cadets have no obligation to join the military service.  Neither is it a "boot camp" to send uncontrollable, disrespectful, or apathetic youth. JROTC is an “elective” course for high school graduation credit. The student must elect to participate in this program.

What is required of Cadets?
      Cadets will be required to wear a military uniform at least once a week for the entire school day.  All cadets will be required to maintain minimum acceptable grooming standards in everyday dress as well as in uniform.  (Male Cadets will be required to shave, maintain a "military" style haircut, and will NOT be allowed to wear earrings while in uniform.)

    The most important requirement of the Cadet is a cooperative attitude and willingness to attempt new experiences.  Cadets who refuse to make an effort or are disobedient will be dropped from the program.

Who is eligible to participate?
     Any boy or girl in grades 9 through 12 who are enrolled at Tolman H.S.  All candidates must be physically qualified to participate in the rigorous physical training aspects of the program.  (Parents, please call to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child.)

 What is the cost to attend?
     There is no cost to participate in the program.  Cadets will be issued Marine Corps uniforms, which will be their responsibility to maintain and must be returned at the end of the academic year.  Articles, which are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, will be replaced at the Cadet's expense.

 What are the benefits of participating?
  • This is an elective class, which meets the graduation requirement for Tolman High School.  
  • Cadets are also provided an opportunity to assist in their community through program sponsored "civic service" activities. 
  • JROTC provides regular feedback on how well the Cadet is doing in the form of promotions and military type awards
  • Additionally, many students indicate that the friendships they make while a Cadet are some of the most steadfast associations they have while in high school.
  • Finally, while this is not a military recruitment program, some Cadets may choose to serve our nation in a branch of the armed forces.  Those Cadets completing just two years of Junior ROTC can enlist in the service and upon completion of boot camp be promoted to the next higher rank and pay.

 Classes and Activities:
     JROTC instructs a variety of classes and activities many of which are not normally available to the typical high school student but only to Cadets.  They include the following:


            -Citizenship & Civics

            -Marine Corps & American History

            -Military Drill

            -Land Navigation


            -Physical Training

-Military Customs and Courtesies

            -Uniform Wear and Maintenance

            -First Aid


            -Public Speaking


 Extracurricular Activities:
     Cadets who wish to participate in extracurricular activities have the following options from which to choose:

            -Competition Color Guard & Drill Teams compete interscholastically and perform exhibitions at regular school                                                                                        functions.

            -PT Team (similar to "track and field") – teams compete in physical fitness events.

            -Marksmanship Team fires pellet rifle for score.

     Cadets who compete on any of these teams earn individual and team awards and may travel to national championship meets
JROTC Activities:
  • March in local Parades
  • Fundraising events
  • Career exploration trips such as visit local Fire & Police Departments 
  • Marine JROTC Summer Leadership Camp, Cape Cod, MA ( 5 days)

 Summer Leadership Camp:
The New England Regional Marine Corps JROTC Summer Leadership Camp is held for 5 days at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts. Camp Edwards is located in Cape Cod. The Leadership Camp is voluntary and is a military style camp designed to develop leadership and self-confidence and a sense of responsibility within the individual Cadet.

Field Trips:
Typically, the JROTC will go on a field trip once a month. The field trips will explore career opportunities & areas of historical significance to tie into JROTC civics and citizenship lessons.  Possible field trips can be to:

  • USS Constitution & Museum
  • Naval Station, Newport RI
  •  Submarine Base & Museum, Groton, CT
  • NE Air Museum, Hartford CT
  •  Quonset Point, RI (C-130 Flight & Museum)
  •  U.S. Coast Guard Academy & Fort Trumbull, New London, CT

The Instructors:
     The JROTC instructors are retired Marines with at least 20 years of service. The Marine Corps screens and then certifies the instructors for the MCJROTC program to ensure physical, mental and moral fitness and then are hired by the City of Pawtucket.

The Senior Marine Instructor:

            Colonel Jeff Richardson served twenty-seven years in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was awarded a ROTC scholarship at Providence College, Providence, RI and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant upon graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. 3 years later he next earned a Juris Doctorate degree at California Western School of Law, San Diego, California. He then became a member of the Rhode Island Bar. During one of his tours of duty, he taught law at the Naval Justice School, Newport, RI. After retiring in 2008, he taught JROTC in Boston. He became the Senior Marine Instructor at Tolman in January of 2015.

The Marine Instructor:

            Sergeant Major Scott Smith enlisted in 1982 as an aircraft mechanic.  During his 31 year active duty career he served in several instructor billets such as the Drill Instructor MCRD, San Diego,CA., Marine Officer Instructor, The Ohio State University and Quantico,VA.  Sergeant Major Smith holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Hawaii Pacific University. He assumed his current position as the Marine Instructor in July of 2014.


Physical Fitness Tests

MJROTC Trip to West Point


MJROTC New York Field Trip

JROTC Quonset Field Trip

              JROTC Field Trip to the Quonset Point