Course Offerings


Code: 841 A / 841 B
½ Credit

This is a performance based course which offers students an opportunity to learn proper vocal technique and perform a wide array of music from both classical and popular genres.  Performances may include but are not limited to seasonal concerts, school and community events.  This course may be taken for more than one semester.


Code: 840
½ Credit

This course is offered to musicians and non-musicians alike as it is not performance based. Students become more informed listeners through the study of music history, musical instruments, technique and styles. A great deal of this class focuses on listening and responding to music of various instrumentation and from various cultures.  Students research composers, investigate the sounds around them and learn about acoustics and concert etiquette.


Code: 850
1 Credit

This course offers students who already know how to play an instrument an opportunity to rehearse and perform in a group. The physical make-up and instrumentation of this group is determined each semester based on the musicians available and interested. Possible groups include, but not limited to rock bands, recorder consorts, wind ensembles, brass ensembles, and mixed baroque ensembles.  Students must have experience reading music and playing an instrument and complete an audition with the instructor. This course may be taken for more than one semester.  

*Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor


Code: 852
½ Credit

This is an introductory course offered to students with a desire to learn basic guitar skills. Students learn various techniques of guitar playing in both traditional and modern styles through solo literature, etudes, and ensemble playing. Students also study the history of the instrument, its performers, pioneers and literature.


Code: 853 ½ Credit

This course is for students who have successfully completed Guitar I or an audition to determine skill level. Guitar II students build upon the skills learned in Guitar I and study more intensely both classical and popular guitar styles while working on more challenging solo literature.   

*Prerequisite: Guitar I or permission of the instructor