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  • Welcome to Creativity United
    This site is dedicated to thinkers and writers.

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Tamara Ash


Creativity United

Creativity United

We aren't so much a club but a meeting of minds. Each of us has something to offer. It doesn't matter if you have creativity or not, it’s the thought process through which the writing is developed. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We are just a group of minds that come together to create something phantasmagoric. You get to experience the creativity of others who may like a different genre than you and maybe can help you create more stories, poems, etc.

Highlighted Piece of the Week:   

Tiger spirit all around the school

Our teachers working hard to better our young minds

Leaning on one another and growing together

Making new friendships everywhere we go

Artistic people decorate the halls

Never giving up on our dreams



Kiara Rodriguez